Friday, 5 April 2013

Why Blogging

This is my first blog. I am sitting in office and writing it. I have no work to do.

I am not obsessed with reading and writing . Neither i felt like doing so. It all started when one of my friend asked me to write a story on her blog. She works in the same office with me. And she with her 2 other friends maintain a common blog, where they post stories. Her 2 other friends are good friends of mine as well , but probably they know that I don't read and write much , so they didn't ask me to write any story for this common blog of their.

Though I don't read and write , but I always appreciated them for the same. And when she invited me to write a story, I was bit excited as well. I promised her to give her a story in 2 days. Since i hadn't read much, so I asked them to show me some sample blog. And they showed me a very short simple story in which one of them had simply narrate an event that happened in with him.

So I went back home, I opened my laptop to write the story. I had decided one thing while coming back to office that I would share some experience of my life . So as decided I started writing down all possible topics. I kept on writing different possible topics for half an hour. And after I had written them all, I read them. And I felt little waves in my mind . I read them again , and I was more disturbed. All the topics had one common cord. They all were reflecting some part of my personality. And together they described my complete personality. I didn't know till that day that I was like that. Even though I had an idea, may be I didn't get time to think on it, or may be I never accepted it I was that way. I couldn't sleep complete night.

The waves got amplified next day. I was sitting in a extempore session and playing game on my cell phone. The Temple Run. And suddenly the coordinator of the extempore asked me to come on stage and narrate some imaginary story. I was always reluctant to participate in this extempore stuff. But now I was invited. Anyhow I started narrating some imaginary story . As I was about to complete, I was again surprised. The story that I narrated , the theme, the words all were describing my thought process, my interests and my behavior. I felt little restless.

What an amazing mirror of life it is ? Half an hour of writing and I could get a better insight of life . And so here I start blogging , to know myself better .


  1. You have started a right thing with a right reason. I also have always felt that writing always reflects oneself truly and that is why it is all the more important to maintain a journal of it so that whenever you read it, you are able to keep a track of whatever had been changed in you and it may fix a number of problems in your life.
    When you read your blogs, you re-live your thoughts and past which is more real than any book or film in the world. Also, when you write, you come to know what you actually feel about anything and it turns you into a more thoughtful person.
    Anyways, a blog is successful only when the writer is satisfied himself and the other people can relate to it as well (i.e. justice to all) and I don't think that there can be any bigger compliment than that. What a beginning! I am happy, KEEP WRITING. :)

  2. Welcome to the blogging world Akhil. Its the best platform to share your thoughts with rest of the world. The alternative is to gather a crowd and start giving speech in front of them. Obviously the former way is better. So keep writing. All the best.
    One tip, carry a small notebook with you always and write whatever thoughts come in your mind anywhere anyplace.
    Happy writing :)

    1. Thanks Kapil for the warm welcome. I will try to keep writing.